Homebuilders Checklist

The time to think about the technology that will go into your new home is now, before it’s finished.
The sooner these questions are answered, the less expensive it will be to modernize your new home:

  • — Is your home wired or pre-wired for a security/alarm system?
  • — Is your home pre-wired for sound and speakers throughout the home mounted flush (recessed) in the walls or ceilings with volume controls (back porch, bedroom, kitchen, master bath, dining room, front porch, etc)?
  • — Is your home pre-wired to add rock speakers, waterproof speakers, outdoor subwoofers for outside or near your backyard, swimming pool, and/or hot tub?
  • — Is your home pre-wired for cameras in the baby’s room,  front porch, or swimming pool,  that can broadcast to a television in your home or on your smart phone or computer, for additional child safety and security?
  • — Is your home pre-wired for surround sound and new surround sound formats (Dolby Digital, DTS-ES, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 11.2, etc.)?
  • — Is your home pre-wired to change Pandora or iTunes tracks/songs, radio stations, or channels throughout the house on the volume controls, iPhone, iPad, via remote control or wall touch pads (multi source/multizone)?
  • — Do you have a dedicated media/theater room allotted in your new home?
  • — Did your contractor allow and plan for a media panel and structured wiring (for any video, telephone, cable, satellite, LAN, or WAN changes or expansion)?
  • — Is your home pre-wired for Local and Wide Area Networking with category 6 wiring (cat 5 is going away due to bandwidth issues) (LAN and WAN) for your computer(s)? Networking allows your new TVs, Blu Ray players, receivers, video games, and satellite receivers to connect to the net.
  • — Is your home wired or pre-wired for controlled lighting, controlled HVAC, controlled sprinklers, etc.?
  • — Is your home wired or pre-wired for a central vac system?
  • — Is your home wired for a media server, to catalog, label, and play your DVDs and music in any room?

Pre-wiring is essential. In addition, it is not necessary to install all or any of the equipment you are planning to own while you are pre-wiring, which is financially more feasible, depending on your budget. Pre-wiring allows for a cheaper and more efficient method of successfully utilizing today’s technology. Pre-planning and pre-wiring now will allow you the freedom to add whatever you choose either now or at a later time with a much greater degree of convenience.
If your answer is no to any or all of these questions, then let HOME THEATER CONCEPTS sit down with you and your contractor, and we can help you prepare and design your home for the 21st century. We’re available to consult by appointment only, so give us a call today!
For a printable version of this checklist, click here.